Synergic Action of Fly Ash In TernaryMixtures of High-Performance Concrete


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Title: Synergic Action of Fly Ash In TernaryMixtures of High-Performance Concrete

Author(s): G. C. Isaia

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 186


Appears on pages(s): 481-502

Keywords: Fly ash; high-strength concretes; pozzolans; silica fume

Date: 5/1/1999

The scope of this work is to quantify the synergic action of fly ash when mixed with other pozzolans, through the performance of microstructural and durability parameters of HPC. Eleven mixture proportions were tested with fly ash, rice husk ash and silica fume in binary and ternary mixtures, with cement substitution, in mass, from 10 to 50%. The following tests related to HPC durability were made: axial compression strength, elasticity modulus, shrinkage, total chloride content, Cl/OH ionic relationship, water penetration and accelerated carbonation. Some micro structural parameters were determined such as bound water, amount of C-S-H, remaining (C3S+C2S) and C-H. The results were calculated related tot the unitary mass of cement, compared to each other in compressive strength equality of 70 Mpa. Practically all the variables linked to the durability presented better performance in the ternary mixtures, than the arithmetic sums of the respective binary mixtures and this behavior is validated with micro structural evidence. It is suggested that the fly ash have a synergic action in ternary mixtures probably due to the higher dispersion of the cement grains, similar of plasticizing mixture action, resoling in additional nucleation sites and larger amounts of hydration products. A synergic action model of fly ash in ternary mixtures is provided.