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Title: Detailing for Serviceability

Author(s): D. Rogowsky

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 183


Appears on pages(s): 131-144

Keywords: detailing; finite element analysis; reinforced concrete design; slabs

Date: 5/1/1999

This paper deals with the selection of slab reinforcement and details from the perspective of serviceability. The focus is on extending traditional detailing rules to slabs with higher strength concrete, and to slab designs based on finite element analysis. Traditional detailing rules when used with the direct design method and equivalent frame method produce satisfactory slabs for "ordinary" applications. Slabs that fall outside the limits of applicability of the equivalent frame method are becoming more common due to the relatively ease with which one can obtain a finite element solution from elastic bending moments and forces. Detailing rules need to be gen33eralized to deal with higher strength concrete and the results of a finite element analysis, so that one can select reinforcement that provides adequate strength and serviceability. The issues addressed in this paper include: minimum reinforcement requirements; bar size, spacing and layout; bars oriented in non-principal monument directions; skew reinforcement; in-plane forces; and edge reinforcement. While there are other detailing issues, those discussed tend to have the most impact on slab performance and cost.


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