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Title: Using High Volume SCM SCC in Mass Concrete Applications in Toronto, Canada

Author(s): Van Zetten

Publication: Web Session

Volume: ws_S22_Van Zetten.pdf


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Date: 3/27/2022

The Eglinton LRT, Coxwell Bypass Tunnel, many posts tension beams/transfer slabs and structural feature columns, these projects all have one thing in common - large concrete elements that are heavily congested with rebar or have areas of heavy rebar congestion. Mass concrete possess a concern about the potential for thermal cracking caused by heat of hydration in a structure. Self-consolidating concrete (SCC) tends to have high binder contents to enhance workability while allowing it to flow through these highly congested elements. By increasing the amount of supplementary cementitious materials (SCM) in SCC mixes, we are able to lower the heat of hydration in mass concrete placements. Traditionally in the market, there have been limits to the maximum allowable SCM content in mixes, but recent research has proved the long-term durability and benefits of using high volumes of SCM in SCC mixes. This presentation will highlight how these high volume SCM SCC mixes have been used successfully on many projects in Toronto, Canada.