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Title: Eco-Efficient Self Consolidating Concrete (Eco-SCC) with Low Powder Content and Recycled Concrete Aggregate

Author(s): Hu

Publication: Web Session

Volume: ws_S22_Hu.pdf


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Date: 3/27/2022

One of the main obstacles that prevent the wide use of self-consolidating concrete (SCC) is the high cost and environmental impact associated with the high powder content. This paper presented a preliminary study of the development of eco-efficient SCC (Eco-SCC) with a powder content comparable to conventional vibrated concrete and recycled concrete aggregate (RCA). Results showed that while the lower amount of powder materials and the use of RCA affected the concrete behaviors of SCC, most of the mixtures included in the study showed good flowability, passing ability, stability, and the strength that well-satisfied criteria of SCC. An environmental performance evaluation was also performed to justify the environmental benefit of Eco-SCC. The study demonstrated that through the optimization of particle size distribution and the optimum use of chemical admixtures, it is possible to obtain Eco-SCC with engineering properties comparable to traditional SCC yet more environmentally friendly.