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Title: ASTM C1480-07(2012), "Standard Specification for Packaged, Pre-Blended, Dry, Combined Materials for Use in Wet or Dry Shotcrete Application."

Author(s): ASTM Subcommittee C09.46 on Shotcrete

Publication: Commentary Reference



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Date: 10/1/2012

This specification covers laboratory performance standards for pre-blended, dry, packaged, combined materials for use in wet or dry shortcrete applications. Dry packaged shortcrete materials are categorized as to type and grade. Basic materials shall meet the requirements of this specification. Additional materials shall be permitted only if adequate test data are available to insure that the ingredient has no deleterious effects on the specified properties. Cementitious materials and aggregates shall be measured by mass (or by volume). Volumetric measurement shall be calibrated by mass. Fibres are measured by mass. Admixtures are measured by mass or volume. Shortcrete ingredients shall be thoroughly blended at a central location. Mixer performance tests shall be performed to establish the mixing time suitable for uniformity of mixing. Type FA and CA shortcrete shall meet the requirements when mixed and tested in accordance with the procedure for mixing and testing. Grade GU shortcrete shall meet the general requirements for type FA or type CA shortcrete. Grade SR shortcrete shall have sulfate resistance. Grade LP shortcrete shall have a very low chloride penetrability rating. Grade FR shotcrete shall have fiber reinforcement with a minimum average residual (Grade FR Class I) and flexural strength (Grade FR Class II) when tested.

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