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Title: Surface-Functionalization of Concrete via Nano-Modified Releasing Agent Design

Author(s): Pengkun Hou

Publication: Web Session

Volume: ws_S22_PengkunHou.pdf


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Date: 3/28/2022

Aggressive substances can gain access to the inner structure of concrete through the surface’s pores and as a result, deterioration occurs. The objective of this study was to improve the quality of concrete surfaces by using nano-engineered releasing agents (nERas). An easy operation protocol for creating concrete surfaces of improved quality by using nERas on the surface of formwork was applied. The penetration depth of these agents and their influences on the properties of freeze-thaw resistivity, sulphate resistivity, chloride penetrability, mechanical property, and pore structure were investigated. Results showed that, the addition of 4% nano-SiO2 and 16% nano-TiO2 into Ra can increase the viscosity by 4.6%, 7.6% as compared to Ra. Releasing agent with 2%, 4% nanoSiO2 (nSRA) and 4%, 16% nanoTiO2 (nTRa) can penetrate into ca. 5 mm of the depth surface. The nS4Ra and nT16Ra can decrease the migration coefficient by 23.6% and 26.6% to that of the RA sample. After 120 days sulfate attack, the strength reduction of Ra, nS4Ra, and nT16Ra was 1.57%, 0.729%, and 0.226%. While the durability coefficient of nS4Ra and nT16Ra was 6.72% and 12% higher than Ra after 200 freeze-thaw cycles. All these results demonstrated the easy but effective surface modification protocol of applying the nanoengineering on concrete surface for improved durability.