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Title: An Experimental Methodology to Assess Fatigue Behavior and Fatigue Damage Recovery by Autogenous Self-Healing of UHPC

Author(s): Kannikachalam

Publication: Web Session



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Date: 3/28/2022

The material's fatigue behavior was evaluated using four-point flexural testing until 2 million cycles or failure, whichever occurred first. Additional specimens were then pre-cracked up to 0.25 mm, and 80% of the load at this pre-crack level was used as the maximum magnitude for a fatigue test. Cyclic loading was applied at a rate of 5.5 Hz from 80% to 10% of the residual load for 700,000 cycles or until a total crack opening displacement of 1 mm at maximum load was obtained, whichever occurred first. After the prescribed healing periods of 1, 3, and 6 months, specimens were healed under water and fatigue testing were repeated until failure. The ability of the material to self-heal was determined utilizing an ultrasonic pulse velocity test and microscopic image analysis. The variations in fatigue crack development, stiffness deterioration, and critical crack opening caused by self-healing were identified, and the healing effects on the recovery of residual fatigue life were analyzed using the same method as previously described.