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Title: UHPC Shear Strengthening of Concrete T-Beams using UHPC Layeral Layers

Author(s): Liu

Publication: Web Session

Volume: ws_S22_Liu.pdf


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Date: 3/28/2022

Ultra-high-performance concretes (UHPC) have outstanding mechanical properties, large tensile strain capacities, extremely low porosity and transport properties that provide an exceptional durability. Therefore, they are ideal materials for rehabilitation and strengthening reinforced concrete structures. Advantages and benefits of using UHPC to repair reinforced concrete structures were already testified by several research projects, among the advantages there are an improved load-carry capacity of structures, better control of cracking under loads, less possibility of delamination, and higher corrosion resistance. However, existing research mainly focuses on the bending behavior of concrete beams strengthened with UHPC, while limited research investigated the shear behavior of the UHPC strengthened beams, and very few concerned T-beams. This project has investigated experimentally the improvement of the shear capacity of concrete T-beams by using UHPC layers with different configurations. 10 concrete T-beams were fabricated, one NSC beam for reference and nine beams strengthened with UHPC layers either at the bottom face, lateral faces, and both bottom and lateral faces. Other parameters investigated were the UHPC layer thickness, layer length and presence of anchors at NSC-UHPC interface. This presentation will focus on the description of the experimental program and the testing results concerning the global mechanical behavior of UHPC strengthened beams, as well as the complex cracking pattern and failure mode observed by DIC analysis. The results will be briefly analyzed and discussed.