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Title: Lessons Learned from Non-Proprietary UHPC Mix Design

Author(s): Voss

Publication: Web Session

Volume: ws_S22_Voss.pdf


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Date: 3/28/2022

The high cost of proprietary UHPC has sparked an interest in the development of non-proprietary UHPCs. This presentation will describe some of the lessons learned through the mixing of over 150 trial mixes in order to design UHPC with local materials, including type IL cement. The presentation will include discussion on the effects of sand gradation, admixture usage, filler materials, cement type, mixer type, and ice as used in different trial mixes. A useful method of mix design employed was to first make small batches of UHPC and test the flow, followed by a slightly larger batch and compressive strength testing of mixes that met the flow criteria. Results showed that fine powders and filler materials improved compressive strength, but in many cases, they reduced the concrete flow. Replacing some of the mix water with ice improved flow and decreased required mixing time. While it was possible to reach 120 MPa (17,000 psi) compressive strength with IL cement, using a different cement was found to be very helpful in reaching 150 MPA (21,000 psi) compressive strength.