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Title: Bridge Preservation with UHPC Overlays

Author(s): Peter Seibert

Publication: Web Session



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Date: 3/28/2022

Bridge agencies who seek a cost-effective and long-lasting preservation strategy may want to learn how Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) overlays that can extend the service life of their aging infrastructure while minimizing traffic interruption during construction. Only recently, UHPC has been placed as a thin bonded overlay on aging US bridge structures to repair, preserve and improve their condition. UHPC overlays are an excellent preservation method for existing bridge decks to enhance their long-term durability performance in a cost-effective way. When installed with a proper paving equipment and an experienced workforce, this technology helps bridge agencies to accelerate bridge repairs by shortening the total construction time and by minimizing traffic interruptions. This presentation will illustrate the developments of UHPC overlays through multiple case studies. Several successfully completed UHPC overlay installations across the USA including project overviews and construction methods will be presented. Surface preparation, different overlay design details, and key success factors for an UHPC overlay installation will be reviewed. The application of various UHPC paving equipment including a self-propelled Thin Lift UHPC paving machine capable of paving crowns and steel slopes will be discussed.