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Title: The Double-Punch Test for UHPC Quality Control

Author(s): Megan Voss

Publication: Web Session

Volume: ws_S22_MeganVoss.pdf


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Date: 3/28/2022

There have been many studies performed recently to compare and develop tension tests for UHPC. Most of these tests are designed to be a qualification test, meaning they will be performed only to approve initial mix design. These tests however require expensive equipment to run and can be complex for laboratory technicians to run. A simple and easy-to-perform quality control test is needed that can be performed with readily available and inexpensive equipment to ensure that individual batches of UHPC have adequate fiber dosage and dispersion. This research investigates the use of a double-punch test, often known as the Barcelona test, as a potential tensile quality control test for UHPC. The first portion of this research focuses on how to simplify the test so it can be run in any testing lab with inexpensive and commonly available equipment. A ruggedness study was performed to show that specimen casting method made a significant difference in the results, while surface grinding, load rate, and punch alignment (within the specified range) did not. It was then shown that a simplified data collection method developed did not make a significant difference in the toughness results compared to advanced data collection methods. Finally, the research compares results of this test to the results of direct tension testing and third point flexure testing, demonstrating its viability for use in quality control testing.