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Title: Mechanical Properties of Concrete Ceramic Waste Materials

Author(s): Mariam Kamil

Publication: Web Session



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Date: 3/28/2022

There is an emerging need in developing countries to utilize demolished waste materials by replacing part of the components of concrete mixture with waste powders. This research project investigates the potential of using ceramic waste powder with concrete in two strategies, cement replacement strategy and fine aggregate replacement strategy. the same quantity of ceramic waste is added as partial replacement either of the cement materials or of the fine aggregate materials. Reference mix proportions used were Cement: sand: coarse aggregate = 1: 1.75: 2.625, water cement ratio of 0.45. Investigated mixtures were produced with 10% replacement ratio by weight of cement. Up to 1% super plasticizer percentages were used to maintain adequate workability for all mixes. Slump and temperature tests were conducted for the fresh mixtures. Compressive and flexural strength properties for the modified concretes were examined at ages 28 and 90 days and their performance were compared with the reference concrete (i.e., without replacements). Raw materials were tested, and concrete specimens were tested following related international ASTM standards. The output of this research project is expected to provide more insight about the effective way for utilizing demolished ceramic wastes that are available in the local markets in the middle east countries.