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Title: Field Evaluation of the Tarantula Curve and the Box Test for Assessing/Predicting the Workability of Concrete Paving Mixtures

Author(s): Gudimettla

Publication: Web Session

Volume: ws_S22_Gudimettla.pdf


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Date: 3/28/2022

Characteristics (workability, finishability, edge-slump and constructability) of slip-formed paving concrete. Both are good (and complementary) tools for contractors for use during the concrete mixture design process for designing mixtures that are workable. This presentation will show the Tarantula curve and the Box test field data from 15 mainline paving projects collected by the FHWA Mobile Concrete Technology Center as part of its new-technology implementation work. Specifically, data /observations from 5 of the 15 projects will be presented in detail to showcase the effectiveness of the Tarantula Curve and the Box Test. The data that will be presented is not from a controlled study/experiment in a laboratory but observations from the field and relies a lot on photos. As part of the presentation, the various criteria of the Tarantula Curve, the details in performing the Box test, field test results/observations and benefits in the use of the Tarantula curve / the Box test will be presented.