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Title: Evaluation of Rail Shear at Concrete Tub Crossings

Author(s): Mueller

Publication: Web Session

Volume: ws_S22_Mueller.pdf


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Date: 3/28/2022

Concrete tub crossings have seen use in the railroad industry as an effective crossing type with minimal settlement. However, the industry has been cautious over the use of the crossing due to a difference in stiffness as the train passes from the typical rail structure to the tub crossing. This stiffness differential prompted the concern about rail shear at the transition. This concern has caused many railroads to reduce speeds through the crossings. This investigation looks to evaluate the shear in the rail at these transitions as well as settlement. Additionally, included are field performance evaluations at various crossings with different rail and vehicle traffic. This investigation analyzed shear in the rail through instrumentation and data collection using strain gauges mounted at various locations along the rail and collection of deflection measurements. Data was collected for trains of varying speeds and weights. Results obtained will be used to guide the recommendation if train speeds through the crossings could be increased to 40 mph safely and without promoting track damage.