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Title: Shear Bolt Coupler for Splicing FRP Bars

Author(s): Kiani

Publication: Web Session

Volume: ws_S22_Kiani.pdf


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Date: 3/28/2022

Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) bars are alternatives to steel reinforcement for concrete structures in corrosive environments. FRP bars face some challenges in terms of design and construction when the bars must be spliced. Lap and mechanical splices are standard methods for splicing traditional reinforcement. Mechanical splices are not available for FRP bars and would be preferable when lap splicing is not practical. Mechanical splices would be required in staged construction, when the length of FRP bars is limited due to logistic considerations, or when reinforcing congestion precluding lap splicing. The lack of an efficient mechanical splice for FRP bars creates a significant barrier to the deployment of composite reinforcement. This proof-of-concept research is initiated to provide experimental data on shear bolt couplers for splicing FRP bars. This mechanical splice consists of a coupling sleeve with shear head screws indented into the surface of the steel bars. However, the brittle surface of the FRP bars precludes this installation. Thus, a modified shear bolt coupler compatible with the FRP bar is designed by drilling a series of holes on the Glass FRP (GFRP) bar, allowing bolts to go through the entire sleeve and bar to make a full connection. Tension tests are used to investigate the load-displacement behavior of spliced GFRP bars with shear bolt couplers. The bearing strength of the FRP, the strength of the coupler, the shear strength of the bolt, the bar tensile strength, and failure mode parameters were investigated through experimental tests to determine a suitable mechanical splicing system.