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Title: Challenges in Evaluating Seismic Collapse Risk for RC Buildings

Author(s): Jin Zhou, Zhelun Zhang, Tessa Williams and Sashi K. Kunnath

Publication: IJCSM

Volume: 15


Appears on pages(s):

Keywords: Evaluating Seismic Collapse, Risk, RC Buildings

DOI: 10.1186/s40069-021-00463-y

Date: 7/31/2021

The development of fragility functions that express the probability of collapse of a building as a function of some ground motion intensity measure is an effective tool to assess seismic vulnerability of structures. However, a number of factors ranging from ground motion selection to modeling decisions can influence the quantification of collapse probability. A methodical investigation was carried out to examine the effects of component modeling and ground motion selection in establishing demand and collapse risk of a typical reinforced concrete frame building. The primary system considered in this study is a modern 6-story RC moment frame building that was designed to current code provisions in a seismically active region. Both concentrated and distributed plasticity beam–column elements were used to model the building frame and several options were considered in constitutive modeling for both options. Incremental dynamic analyses (IDA) were carried out using two suites of ground motions��the first set comprised site-dependent ground motions, while the second set was a compilation of hazard-consistent motions using the conditional scenario spectra approach. Findings from the study highlight the influence of modeling decisions and ground motion selection in the development of seismic collapse fragility functions and the characterization of risk for various demand levels.