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Title: Effective Teaching Methods in Concrete Education


Publication: Web Session

Volume: ws_2021_Swenty_Effective Teaching Methods .pdf


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Date: 4/1/2021

Teaching engineering students reinforced concrete and concrete materials topics is not a trivial task. Students learn a variety of different ways and many professors rely on only a few methods of presenting the material and directing learning. The disconnect can create a struggle in the learning process for all parties involved. This presentation introduces several different common teaching styles and methods that have been used in engineering education. The methods are compared and contrasted based on complexity, resources required, and preparation time. Various levels of change are discussed, from small incremental adjustments to completely redesigning the course. A series of examples are described to demonstrate a few ways of implementing new teaching ideas into a classroom. Companion presentations expand upon this introduction and provide depth and specific applications to topics common in concrete education. The ultimate goal of these sessions and corresponding special publication is to provide a venue to share teaching ideas and make concrete education more effective, efficient, and enjoyable for everyone.