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Title: SP-347 Recent Developments in High Strain Rate Mechanics and Impact Behavior of Concrete


Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 347


Appears on pages(s): 268

Keywords: N/A

DOI: 10.14359/51732675

Date: 3/15/2021

Sponsors: Sponsored by ACI 370 Committee Editors: Eric Jacques and Mi G. Chorzepa This Symposium Volume reports on the latest developments in the field of high strain rate mechanics and behavior of concrete subject to impact loads. This effort supports the mission of ACI Committee 370 “Blast and Impact Load Effects” to develop and disseminate information on the design of concrete structures subjected to impact, as well as blast and other short-duration dynamic loads. Concrete structures can potentially be exposed to accidental and malicious impact loads during their lifetimes, including those caused by ballistic projectiles, vehicular collision, impact of debris set in motion after an explosion, falling objects during construction and floating objects during tsunamis and storm surges. Assessing the performance of concrete structures to implement cost-effective and structurally-efficient protective measures against these extreme impacting loads necessitates a fundamental understanding of the high strain rate behavior of the constituent materials and of the characteristics of the local response modes activated during the event. This volume presents fourteen papers which provide the reader with deep insight into the state-of-the-art experimental research and cutting-edge computational approaches for concrete materials and structures subject to impact loading. Invited contributions were received from international experts from Australia, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Germany, South Korea, Switzerland, and the United States. The technical papers cover a range of cementitious materials, including high strength and ultra-high strength materials, reactive powder concrete, fiber-reinforced concrete, and externally bonded cementitious layers and other coatings. The papers were to be presented during two technical sessions scheduled for the ACI Spring 2020 Convention in Rosemont, Illinois, but the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic disrupted those plans. The editors thank the authors for their outstanding efforts to showcase their most current research work with the concrete community, and for their assistance, cooperation, and valuable contributions throughout the entire publication process. The editors also thank the members of ACI Committee 370, the reviewers, and the ACI staff for their generous support and encouragement throughout the preparation of this volume.