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Title: The Adaptation of Conventional Reinforcing and Anchoring Methods for Additively Constructed Concrete (ACC)

Author(s): Eric Kreiger

Publication: Web Session



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Date: 6/1/2020

3-D printed concrete, or Additively Constructed Concrete (ACC), has been demonstrated for structural applications, such as walls in buildings and beams of bridges. These applications require proper reinforcing and anchoring methods to be able to support, transfer, and sustain service loads. However, the field of printed concrete has grown at such a rapid pace that it has been difficult for established reinforcing methods to be accepted by the industry. The use of standardized reinforcing methods for ACC can allow for more ease in the design for engineers and permitting by building officials. There have been several methods of reinforcing that have been proposed, ranging from conventional methods up to newly researched alternative methods. ACC introduces new challenges to the placement of reinforcement. However, the use of more conventional reinforcing materials and methods (reinforcing bars and post tensioned steel) will allow for acceptance within current codes and standards. Following this acceptance, alternative reinforcing and anchoring methods that may be more efficient can later be incorporated as acceptable methods. The presentation will discuss the reinforcing and anchoring methods that have been developed at the US Army Corps of Engineers, Engineer Research and Development Center (USACE - ERDC). This approach by USACE-ERDC has been demonstrated in the printing of building walls, bridges, and other infrastructure.