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Title: Freeze and Thaw Performance of Internally Cured Concrete

Author(s): Rita Ghantous

Publication: Web Session

Volume: ws_F20_Ghantous-Weiss.pdf


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Date: 10/25/2020

The durability of concrete structures is generally improved through the use of internal curing (IC). IC concrete mixtures can increase the sustainability of concrete by reducing the drying and autogenous shrinkage cracking and improving the degree of hydration. Studies have been performed to assess the freeze-thaw performance of concrete mixtures. Work by Jones et al. demonstrated that concrete mixtures can be made resistant to freezing and thawing provided sufficient air entrainment was provided. Questions however have been raised as to whether the water released by the internal curing agents may increase the degree of saturation of concrete. A discussion will be made as to the role that internal curing may have on freeze-thaw damage at early ages. Guidance is provided as to the best approach for using internal curing including: 1) using concrete with a low water to cement ratio (w/c <0.42) and 2) curing times before the concrete is exposed to freezing are provided based on w/c. In conclusion, internally cured concrete provides good freeze and thaw performance provided the guidance above is followed.