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Title: Effect of Fibers on the Flexural Behaviour of Beams Built with High-Strength Concrete and High-Strength Reinforcement

Author(s): Bastami, R.; Li, Y.; Algassem, O.; Aoude, H.

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 343


Appears on pages(s): 514-523

Keywords: High-strength concrete, High-strength reinforcement, Fibers, Steel fibers, Beams, Flexure


Date: 10/1/2020

Recently there has been increased interest in the use of high-strength concrete (HSC) and high-strength reinforcement (HSR) in structures. The high-performance properties of these materials can allow for more efficient structural designs and reduced reinforcement congestion which can improve constructability. On the other hand, both HSC and HSR show reduced strain capacity when compared to more conventional materials, which can raise concerns about the ductility of structures built with these materials. The provision of steel fibers is one solution to reduce the brittleness of high-strength concrete. Similarly, the use of fiber-reinforced HSC may be better suited for structures built with high-strength reinforcement due to the increased straincapacity of fiber-reinforced concrete in compression. This paper presents the results of a study examining the effect of steel fibers on the flexural behaviour of beams built with high-strength concrete and high-strength reinforcement. As part of the study, a total of six high-strength concrete beams, built with and without fibers, and reinforced with normal-strength (Grade 400 MPa) and high-strength (Grade 690 MPa) bars are tested under four-point bending. Test parameters include the effect of concrete type (plain HSC vs. fiber-reinforced HSC), reinforcement type (normal-strength vs. high-strength bars) behaviour. As expected, the use of fibers improved the overall load-deformation response of HSC beams built with normalstrength reinforcement. The improved toughness of fiber-reinforced HSC is also shown to be better suited for beams built with high-strength reinforcement when compared to plain HSC, resulting in improved ductility.