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Title: SP-15(10): Field Reference Manual: Standard Specifications for Structural Concrete ACI 301-10 w/Selected ACI References


Publication: Technical Documents



Appears on pages(s): 710

Keywords: admixture; aggregate; air entrainment; architectural concrete; cement; cementitious materials; cold weather; compressive strength; concrete; concrete construction; concrete durability; concrete slab; consolidation; conveyor; curing; density.


Date: 2/16/2011


Note: A newer version of this document exists. This document was replaced by MNL-15(16).

SP-15(10): Field Reference Manual: Standard Specifications for Structural Concrete ACI 301-10 with Selected ACI and ASTM References An essential reference document containing the following ACI documents: • 301-10 – “Specifications for Structural Concrete”; • 117-10 – “Standard Specifications for Tolerances for Concrete Construction and Materials and Commentary”; • 214R-02 – “Evaluation of Strength Test Results of Concrete”; • 214.4R-10 – “Guide for Obtaining Cores and Interpreting Compressive Strength Results”; • 224.1R-07 – “Causes, Evaluation and Repair of Cracks in Concrete Structures”; • 302.1R-04 – “Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction”; • 302.2R-06 – “Guide for Concrete Slabs that Receive Moisture-Sensitive Flooring Materials”; • 303R-04 – “Guide to Cast-in-Place Architectural Concrete Practice”; • 304R-00 – “Guide for Measuring, Mixing, Transporting, and Placing Concrete”; • 305R-10 – “Hot Weather Concreting”; • 306R-10 – “Cold Weather Concreting”; • 308R-01 – “Guide to Curing Concrete”; • 309R-05 – “Guide for Consolidation of Concrete”; • 318-08 Chapters 3-7 – “Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete”; • 347-04 – “Guide to Formwork for Concrete”; • 533.1R-02 – “Design Responsibility for Architectural Precast-Concrete Projects”; • ITG-7-09 – “Specification for Tolorances for Precast Concrete and 11 other documents. Also includes six ASTM Standards: • C31/C31M-06 – “Standard Practice for Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimens in the Field”; • C94/C94M-06 – “Standard Specification for Ready-Mixed Concrete”; • C138/C138M-09 – “Standard Test Method for Unit Weight, Yield, and Air Content (Gravimetric) of Concrete”; • C143/C143M-09 – “Standard Test Method for Slump of Hydraulic-Cement Concrete”; • C172-04 – “Standard Practice for Sampling Freshly Mixed Concrete,” and • E1155-96(2008) – “Standard Test Method for Determining FF Floor Flatness and FL Floor Levelness Numbers”.

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