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Title: Residual Capacity of Damaged and Epoxy-Repaired Reinforced Concrete Plastic Hinges

Author(s): Kai Marder, Kenneth Elwood, Christopher Motter

Publication: Web Session

Volume: ws_F18_Elwood.pdf


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Date: 10/15/2018

Modern multi-story reinforced concrete moment frames are typically designed to behave in a ductile manner during large seismic events. The capacity design philosophy aims to localize the damage arising from such ductile behavior to pre-determined plastic hinge locations. In post-earthquake situations, the ability to assess the residual capacity of these plastic hinges is an important step in order to make informed decisions about the future usability of damaged buildings. Experimental results, including those from a targeted test program on reinforced concrete beams, demonstrate that the strengths and deformation capacities of ductile beams and columns are not necessarily reduced following moderate inelastic demands. Analysis related to the effects of prior yielding in the longitudinal reinforcement is given particular attention. Considerable stiffness degradation can occur as a result of prior inelastic demands, but a large portion of this stiffness is recoverable through repair by epoxy injection. The issues involved with use of crack width metrics to inform residual capacity decisions are also discussed.