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Title: Power Ultrasound-Assisted Concrete Production—Workability, Strength Development, and Durability

Author(s): Ricardo Remus, Christiane Roessler, and Horst‑Michael Ludwig

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 330


Appears on pages(s): 135-150

Keywords: Power ultrasound; cement; concrete; hydration; acceleration; compressive strength; durability; precast concrete.

DOI: 10.14359/51711246

Date: 9/26/2018


Power Ultrasound (PUS) is widely used in various technical processes (from pharmaceutic to ceramic and fuel industry) to disperse suspensions and to control crystallization processes. Previous investigations by the authors have shown that a short PUS treatment during mixing process effectively accelerates the growth of strength determining C-S-H phases and thus hydration and setting of Portland cement pastes.

The present study concerns the workability, the strength development and the durability of sonicated concretes. Results of study shows, that flowability is increased after sonication and stiffening of cement paste can be fully compensated. The strength development is significantly accelerated and durability testing on sonicated concretes reveals that negative effects of PUS on carbonation behaviour, freezing/thawing- and sulphate-resistance can be excluded. The advantage of using PUS to accelerate early-strength development of concrete is that little or no chemical accelerators or heat treatment are required. Enhancement of cement reactivity by PUS application during mixing possibly paves the way for application of cements with low CO2-footprint for precast concrete production.