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Title: Using Fiber-Reinforced High-Performance HPFRC Micro-Concretes in Structural Restoring

Author(s): Marco Bressan, Alessandro Pasqualini, and Felice Marco Liberatore

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 326


Appears on pages(s): 107.1-107.10

Keywords: beam, ductility, floor, HPFRC, jacketing, pillar, reinforcing, repair, strength

DOI: 10.14359/51711090

Date: 8/10/2018


HPFRC micro-concretes represent one of the most interesting results in the construction material research field. Over and above their extremely high compressive strength, these materials are characterized by an exceptional tensile strength and by a deformational capacity (ductility) superior to that of ordinary cement conglomerates. In terms of durability, their particular compact matrix makes them extremely resilient to the environmental deteriorating action.

These properties make this material an absolute protagonist in the field of structural repair and reinforcing, since they allow applications that are not only interesting from a technical viewpoint, but effectively sustainable. In fact, efficient repair work will be possible while keeping dimensions of the sections limited.

This note initially intends outlining the description of a series of experimental tests and the relative lab results obtained on innovative HPFRC products. Specifically, reference will be made to compression tests, tensile and bending-tensile tests, shear tests and adhesion tests to the support.

Next, several possible and interesting applications for repairing/reinforcing structural elements will be described, such as reinforced concrete pillars and beam, as well as floors.

Order to understand the technical benefits afforded by said interventions, useful reference will be made to a specifically developed software application for locally analyzing the reinforced concrete sections subject to structural repairing. Where pillar and beam elements are reinforced, benefits obtained by implementing reduced thickness jacketing will be highlighted, both in terms of bending-compression strength by evaluating the M-N interaction diagram, as well as in terms of the ductility of the section, by assessing the Moment – Curvature relationships.

Instead, as regards the reinforcing works done on floors, the benefits attainable will be described by constructing collaborating slabs of lesser thickness in terms of an increase in carrying capacity, and low deformations and vibrations.