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Title: Temperature Predictions of a Ternary Mix Design for Mass Concrete Placements

Author(s): Joseph W. Clendenen and Benn B Stutrud

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 325


Appears on pages(s): 3.1-3.14


DOI: 10.14359/51710944

Date: 7/25/2018

The exothermic reaction of the heat of hydration in concrete can lead to problematic temperature differences between the surface and the core of mass concrete elements, which can lead to thermal cracking. This problem has led many engineers to create maximum temperature differential specifications, as well as maximum temperature specifications in response to concerns over producing conditions which may lead to delayed ettringite formation (DEF). In general, there are two solutions to meet this specification: design a mix that has low or an extended heat of hydration or cool the mass element internally as it cures. Regardless of the method, many engineers require that the mass elements’ temperatures be predicted for the mix design, dimensions of placement, day of placement, placing temperature, and construction methods including the use of insulation. Therefore, mass concrete mix designs are tested experimentally for heat of hydration and thermal properties, and those values are used in a mathematical model. The following is a description of using Isothermal calorimetry to generate information about a mix design, which was used to input into the thermal modeling.