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Title: Strength analysis of masonry constructions. Application ta arch bridges

Author(s): Molins i Borrell, C.; Roca Fabregat, P.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 49

Issue: 209

Appears on pages(s): Sep-32



Date: 1/5/1998

A numerical model for the study of spatial structures consisting of linear curved members with variable cross sections is presented together with its application to the nonlinear geometric and material analysis of skeletal masonry constructions. Nonlinear material behaviour is included in the model by means of elastoplastic constitutive equations under shear and compressive stresses, while a linear-elastic prefectlybrittle behaviour is assumed in tension. Nonlinear geometric effects due to the imposition of the equilibrium condition upon the deformed configuration of the structure are considered. Two examples are presented. The first example deals with the analysis of a masonry arch up to failure including nonlinear material and geometric effects. The second example treats the application of the developed model to a four span medieval bridge.

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