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Title: Second order theory analysis of the Cruzul viaduct piers

Author(s): Arenas de Pablo, J.J.; Villegas Cabredo, L. M.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 40

Issue: 171

Appears on pages(s): 35 - 45



Date: 1/3/1989

A simple method of analysis and design of the Cruzul viaduct piers, with lengths reaching 94 m, is presented here. A linear analysis procedure has been used taking into account the non linear (geometrical and mechanical) response of the pier-element. This is achieved by calculating the Moment-curvature relations of a cross-section set within the pier length, and obtainn the transverse force-displacement relation at the top of each pier. In this way one may see the distribution of the wind force between the different piers of the viaduct, the longitudinal forces produced on the pier heads by the imposed movements of the deck and the braking foces supported by each of them.

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