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Title: Roof over the Hendaye railway trench

Author(s): Fernández Troyano, L.; Iglesias Pérez, C.; Fernández Muñoz, L.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 63

Issue: 264

Appears on pages(s): 31 - 51

Keywords: railway cover, two-way slab, pre-stressed beams, demolition, long-term effects.


Date: 1/3/2012

An important problem put by the train in its passage by the cities of Europe generally and in France in particular is the effect barrier which builds up, preventing the cities from developing beyond. Even if this barrier is crossed, it is certain that the passage is restricted to concrete places and always acts as psychological barrier for the local residents. This article presents in a brief way the problems of conception, analysis and vibration of the cover structure of the railroad trench of Hendaye. This structure consists of a 20-40 meters span slab of pre-stressed concrete that solves the isolation problem of both parts of the town of Hendaye. Its construction was possible thanks to the agreement of the SNCF (French Railways) and some private investors, and is allowing the investors the construction on top of 6 residential buildings and a holiday residence, with demolition of the ancient Pont-Vieux" and building of a new "Pont-Vieux", which is completely integrated into the real-estate development. Special attention is given to the change of transverse cross-section of the slab during construction stages, which originates a redistribution of stresses, and to the long-term equilibrium of horizontal forces."

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