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Title: Damage detection of prestressed concrete beams by the method of curvature of the elastic

Author(s): Germán D. Ercolani, Néstor F. Ortega, Daniel H. Felix

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 69

Issue: 284

Appears on pages(s): 39 - 48

Keywords: Pre-stressed concrete, Damage detection, Cracks, Finite elements, Elasticity


Date: 1/1/2018

At the time of inspecting and ensuring the safety of an existing structure, it is important to have proper techniques to detect the presence of damage in that structure. In this work, a study is made of the method of curvature of the elasticity, applied specifically to the detection of bending cracks in pre-stressed concrete beams, a typology widely used in highway bridges. The studies were performed on a set of three-dimensional models, using the finite element method. Different sensitivity analyses were carried out to determine, successfully, the required parameters for the implementation of the method of curvature of the elasticity in practice.

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