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Title: Chillida's Praise of the horizon; an encounter between science and art

Author(s): Deborah García Bello, Moisés Canle

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 69

Issue: 284

Appears on pages(s): 77 - 82

Keywords: Aluminous concrete, Chillida, Art


Date: 1/1/2018

By studying the engineering aspects of Chillida's 'Elogio del horizonte' (Praise of the Horizon), such as the materials, work execution, location, shape and scale, an attempt is made to show the unambiguous relationship between science and art. A description is presented on the physicochemical processes involved in the dosage, formwork, hardening, curing, etc. of the concrete, as well as the artistic interpretation of the author's choice. We show the link between different forms of knowledge, as the work could not be executed, nor be interpreted, without the necessary body of knowledge from engineering.

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