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Title: Tests on composite structures wutg dufferebt bibd strength in the interface surface

Author(s): Vallés, J.J.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 40

Issue: 171

Appears on pages(s): 133 - 141



Date: 1/3/1989

Composite structures are often built up from concretes of different ages and qualities. Composite begavior results in horizontal shearing stresses at the construction joints. Several factors affects the strength of these joints. In this paper, tests involving bond at the interface are presented. The test specimens wre hollow block composite slabs with precast prestressed beams. The types of surface of the precast unit were: -A smooth surface -A rough surface -A powdered surface with cement -A powdered surface with clay The experimental investigations have been carried out on members with ratio of shear-span to depth equal five. Vertical centerline deflection and slip measurements were made after each increment of load. The load-deflection curve shows an apparent loss of compisite action in th specimens with fixed contaminants such as cement and clay. A next study could to stay a comparison betweem theoretically methods for computing deflections and those obtained from tests results.

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