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Title: Test methodology to evaluate the carbonatation resistance of concrete coatings

Author(s): García Guillot, A.M.; Andrade Perdrix, M.C.; Alonso Cobos, C.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 41

Issue: 176

Appears on pages(s): 135 - 139



Date: 1/5/1990

Concrete carbonatation is one of the processes which may develop rebar corrosion, and therefore the service life of the structure decreases. Concrete coatings are increasingly being used to delay this risk of corrosion, but there is not a standarized method to evaluate their efficiency. In this paper a new testing methodology is described. A semiaccelerated carbonatation test is employed. The results are compared with those from the accelerated one. The first one allows a partial classification of the coatings to CO2 resistance but the accelerated method is more selective and takes shorter time. Water permeability of the coatings is also evaluated.

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