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Title: The obtention of a high strength concrete using Galician aggregates: aggregate section, concrete dosage and mechanical properties

Author(s): Macías Amat, F.J.; Martínez Abella, F.; Vázquez Herrero, C.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 49

Issue: 207

Appears on pages(s): 20-Nov



Date: 1/1/1998

High strength concrete (HSC) production is mainly conditioned by the availability of adequate aggregates near the construction site: application of local aggregates is usually mandatory for economic reasons. The main purpose of this work is to study the suitability of getting HSC through the use of different Galician aggregates, spread throughout the whole country. The selection of aggregates has been made according to several stages. First, aggregates complying the overall properties to attain conventional concrete were selected. Among these, a group of litologies, which were potentially adequate to attain HSC were chosen. HSC were produced using different combinations of these aggregates, and its properties were analized, in the fresh and hardened mixes, studying the behavior of strengths and modulus of deformation at different ages. Dosage and production of HSC has been made through an iterative process, which has made it possible to modify the initial dosage method, as well as the production sequence, in order to improve the overall characteristics of the mixes. In this article the investigation process is exposed, as well as the conclusions about the dosage method, production sequence and experimental results obtained with HSC with Galician aggregates.

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