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Title: Influence of the aggregates grading in the high strength concrete properties

Author(s): Serna Ros, P.; Yazzar, S.A.; Martínez Melero, J.M.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 50

Issue: 213

Appears on pages(s): 63 - 71

Keywords: Hormigón de Alta Resistencia, Granulometría, Dosificación, Resistencia, Densidad, Módulo de Deformación.


Date: 1/3/1999

In order to analyze the aggregates grading influence in the H.S.C. properties, mixtures were made keeping the dosage in cement, silica fume and w/c ratio, which variables were: maximal aggregate size (12.5 mm 16 mm and 20 mm), the analyzed curve type (C.E.B., Bolomey and Faury). The Fineness Modulus was used as parameter which characterize diferent grading for their comparison. We checked that the Modulus of rupture remains practically constant when the Fineness Modulus changes and we achieved a relationship between Modulus of rupture and Strength. Although concrete grading effects in its density and strength are not very important, better strength has been achieved with small maximum sizes and for each size with average curves. Manufactured concrete has a relatively density of 2.467, this density guarantees a good concrete durability.

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