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Title: Seismic behaviour of restricted-ductility reinforced concrete buildings

Author(s): Vielma Pérez, J.C.; Barbat Barbat, A.; Oller Martínez, S.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 59

Issue: 248

Appears on pages(s): 87 - 101

Keywords: Seismic code, ductility, earthquake, overstrength, framed buildings, non linear.


Date: 1/3/2008

In the earthquake resistant design of buildings, it is necessary to know a priori the value of the ductility that these will be able to reach when subjected strong ground motions. These values are available in the seismic design codes but their estimation can be also made using expert?s opinion or the actual response of the buildings during certain seismic events. Nevertheless, in previous research the problem has been generally centred on the response of structures with ductile behaviour, like special momentresisting frames, and there are not enough data available on the seismic behaviour of buildings with restricted ductility, such as the buildings with waffle slabs. In this study, the nonlinear behaviour of buildings with restricted ductility is examined. These buildings are designed according to the requirements of the EHE instruction and of the NCSE-02 code. The values of ductility are calculated starting from the results of the nonlinear static analysis of the building, that allow verifying the values of the reduction factors applied in the determination of the seismic forces and the values of the structural overstrength. The evaluation of the restricted ductility buildings is complemented by the determination of fragility curves and damage probability matrices which allow establishing the exceedance probability of previously established Limit States.

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