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Title: Design of a test for experimental analysis of passive reinforcement anchorage in C-C-T joints

Author(s): Miguel Sosa, P.F.; Martí Vargas, J.R.; Fernández Prada, M.A.; Castro Bugallo, M.C.; Bonet Senach, J.L.; Serna Ros, P.; Romero García, M. L.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 55

Issue: 233

Appears on pages(s): 119 - 128



Date: 1/5/2004

In this paper the prototype designed for the research project about the analysis of the anchorage-joint system behaviour in D regions which is being developed in the Dept. of Construction Engineering and Civil Engineer Projects is presented. The main objective in this experimental investigation is the development of an easy tool or a practical design formula to evaluate the necessary anchorage length of passive reinforcement in C-C-T joints as a function of the strut angle orientation. So that, it has been planned a laboratory test program to reproduce the conditions of these kind of joints where is possible the evaluation of the force equilibrated in the joint and the effort transmitted directly to the anchorage. It is described the experimental program including the geometry of a typical specimen, the load support system, the measurement device, and the test program scheduled.

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