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Title: Proposal of experimental study of HSC slender columns under axial forces and biaxial bending

Author(s): Bonet Senach, J.L.; Miguel Sosa, P.F.; Fernández Prada, M.A.; Serna Ros, P.; Martí Vargas, J. R.; Romero García, M. L.; Pallarés Rubio, L.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 55

Issue: 233

Appears on pages(s): 81 - 87



Date: 1/5/2004

In this paper, a research program that is being developed by ADITEC research group in the department of construction engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia is presented. High strength concrete columns are being increasingly used in buildings. In the standard typology normally used in building, columns are loaded by combined biaxial bending and compression. Nevertheless, the lack of experimental data largely restricts the development of design methods for this kind of loads. The aim of this research program is double. On the one hand, to carry out experimental tests in order to get available data for checking theoretical models. On the other hand, to verify the validity of the current simplified design methods and to propose new ones for the design of this kind of columns, that were useful in the full range of concrete strengths, defining rules and practical recommendations for their design and construction.

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