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Title: About the resistance of transversally stiffened hybrid steel plate girders subjected to concentrated loads

Author(s): Chacón Flores, R.; Real Saladrigas, E.; Mirambell Arrizabalaga, E.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 58

Issue: 245

Appears on pages(s): 43 - 58



Date: 1/5/2007

In this paper, an experimental campaign on eight hybrid steel plate girders subjected to patch loading is presented. A girder is deemed as being hybrid when it is fabricated with different steel strength for the flange and web panels. The experimental study is focused on the behaviour of the transversally stiffened panels under concentrated load as well as the influence of transversal stiffeners on the ultimate resistance of the steel girders. Initial imperfections of the web and flange panels were measured previously to the tests. On the other hand, the numerical model implemented in the multipurpose code Abaqus which includes geometrical and material nonlinearities is used as a simulation tool in order to assess the ultimate resistance of the hybrid steel plate girders tested. Some conclusions related to ultimate resistance of hybrid steel plated girders under concentrated loads are pointed out by comparing the results obtained experimentally and numerically with those derived from EN1993-1-5.

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