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Title: Measurement of strains and temperatures in a real structure. M-40: Viaduct over the Manzanares river and the road to El Pardo

Author(s): Corres Peiretti, H.; A. Pérez Torrico Narváez, J.; Pérez, J.; Estévez Sánchez, R.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 50

Issue: 212

Appears on pages(s): 51 - 59



Date: 1/3/1999

In this paper, the main results of an experimental program aimed at measuring strains and temperatures in a real structure (the Viaduct over the Manzanares river and the road to El Pardo in Madrid) are presented. The results include a full characterization of the instantaneous and time-dependent properties of two different concretes (supports and deck), distribution of temperatures in the deck of the structure after the placing of concrete, including high temperatures due to concrete hardening, as well as strain measurements in several cross sections of the deck and at several points inside a single cross section. In particular, the effect of shear lag is measured. Finally, a step-by-step calculation is carried out to predict the evolution of strains in the structure, using the time dependent tests of the concrete to adjust the rheological models.

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