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Title: Effect of mixed recycled aggregate on non-structural concrete properties

Author(s): Mas Gracia, B.; Cladera Bohigas, A.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 60

Issue: 253

Appears on pages(s): 83 - 93

Keywords: Mixed recycled aggregates, non-structural concrete, sulphates, mechanical properties.


Date: 1/5/2009

Mixed recycled aggregates come from the treatment of construction and demolition waste and include, as main components, waste concrete, aggregates and ceramic products. This paper presents the results obtained in an experimental campaign, which aims to be an initial contact with this material to assess its possible uses, on the influence of replacing conventional aggregates by mixed recycled aggregates in non-structural concrete mixes. The study envisages the utilization of two types of cement, a Portland mixed cement and a sulphate resistant compound. A different behaviour on the physical and mechanical properties of concrete is observed, depending on the type of cement used, when the rate of replacement of conventional aggregate is increased. It is conclude that, in the absence of a future long-term study and of a specific dosage for each use, mixed recycled aggregates may be valid for the manufacture of non-structural concrete.

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