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Title: Corrosion rate measurement in reinforced concrete structures: Development and evaluation of a portable corrosion-meter (LG-ECR) for several electrochemical techniques

Author(s): Ausín, V.; Jiménez Padilla, F.; Feliu, S.; González, J.A.; Andrade Perdrix, M.C.; Rodríguez Maribona, I.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 41

Issue: 177

Appears on pages(s): 111 - 120



Date: 1/8/1990

Nowadays there are no quantitative and trustworthy measurement methods for setting the corrosion rate of real structures. The electrochemical methods of polarization resistance used nowadays are no trustworthy because they ignore the disperssion effects in the polarization field for big structures. The CENIM and E. Torroja Institutes have developed new electrochemical technics that solve effectively its application limits on real structures; consequently thre has been developed the LG-ECR portable corrosion meter which allows the performance of those technics for field in a fast, easy and trustworhy way, giving corrosion parameter values very close to those called of ""reference"". With this equipment we face the possibility for an effective technology for big structuers auscultation and for its preventive and pathological maintenance.

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