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Title: Linear analysis with limited moment redistribution and cross-section ductility criteria in EHE-08

Author(s): Varona Moya, F. B.; García Andión, L.; López Juárez, J. A.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 61

Issue: 257

Appears on pages(s): 81 - 90

Keywords: structural analysis, ductility, limited moment redistribution, design diagrams, slim floor beams.


Date: 1/5/2010

One of the most significant changes that have been introduced in the new Spanish standard EHE-08 is the re-definition of the ductility criteria for performing a linear structural analysis followed by limited moment redistribution, without an explicit check on the rotational capacity of the critical cross-sections. The present text contrasts these new criteria with the provisions given by internationally referenced codes of practice. The work focuses on rectangular reinforced concrete cross-sections, presenting recommendations on the minimum depth depending on the level of redistribution, closed form expressions for the design and an actualization of the non-dimensional diagram for bending moment versus reinforcement capacity. Finally, a practical example is solved, in which some recommendations on the design of slim floor beams are given, as well.

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