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Title: Multipoint prestressing of the Terminal Building façade

Author(s): Peña Pascual, J.M.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 57

Issue: 239

Appears on pages(s): 101 - 108

Keywords: Airport, Barajas, multipoint tensioning, façade, wall-curtain, computer, kipper truss.


Date: 1/1/2006

One of the technical singularities of the new Terminal Building is the glass tensioned façade. The object of this paper is the description the methodology and technology developed by Tecpresa for this façade prestressing operation as well as some incidences and particularities occurred while performing this operation along more than 2.500 m of façade. The paper comments the the initial conditioning circumstances of the prestressing process, describes the basic characteristics of the specific system developed, details the different phases of the prestressing execution and dedicates its final sections to analyze the singularities of the prestressing of some modules and the incidences occurred during this work.

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