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Title: Photoelasticity analysis of special structural elements

Author(s): Paloto Almada, J.C.; Ortega, N.F.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 46

Issue: 197

Appears on pages(s): 20-Nov



Date: 1/5/1995

Photoelasticity is one of the methods of the most frequently used for the Experimental Stress Analysis. From the first decades of the century, it became a valuable tool for the design, analysis and/or verification of different structural elements. Particularly, the applications developed in this paper have relation to special or non - conventional structural elements, such as stiffening beams in box girders, high plate T beams and girders with big holes, all of them under the prestress action. Once again it is shown here the versatility of the method to be adapted to different geometries and load conditions; due to this reason the Photoelasticity is an obective method which offers a global view of the elements analysed. Moreover, from the didactic viewpoint, it offers excellent possibilities to be applied in the field of structural engineering.

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