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Title: Towards a set of Argentine specifications for crack control in structures with tightness requirements

Author(s): Donini, H. J.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 67

Issue: 280

Appears on pages(s): 333 - 348

Keywords: Low permeability structures, Aggressive environments, Crack control, Reinforced concrete, Cracks


Date: 1/5/2016

Reinforced concrete is one of the materials selected for the construction of structures with low permeability requirements, such as reservoirs, drains, along with many other types. It is important that all of these structures meet durability conditions in order to cope with aggressive liquids or solutions that are present in the water they contain or in the environment in which are immersed. There are numerous recommendations on construction codes and regulations, both general, as well as specific to this class of construction.The main objective of the present publication is to set a series of minimum requirements for the control of cracking in concrete structures with requirements of low permeability. For this, new considerations and, in some cases, the interpretation of the existing regulations and specific codes are improved, as there are currently no regulations for structures of this type in Argentina. The current CIRSOC 201-05 is directly applicable to buildings and related structures, but not for the cases mentioned.The article concludes by indicating the main measures of control of cracking that could be included in future regulations, as a result of the adequacy of the CIRSOC 201-05 to other existing codes, so as to achieve a draft regulation aimed at structures of conveyance, storage, and water and effluent treatment.

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