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Title: Mechanical splices for reinforcing bars

Author(s): Delibes Liniers, A.; Ortega, H.; Ríos, V.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 41

Issue: 175

Appears on pages(s): 109 - 118



Date: 1/3/1990

Structural members with a high reinforcement ratio and those requiring large size bras have difficulties for making splices betweem the re-bars. The usual solution, lap splices, requires an important volume of concrete covering the lap area whose length increases very quicly with the size of the re-bars (or the equivalent diameter of bundled bars). Two different solutions solve this problem: welded splices or mechanical splices. Permanent Commission VII of CEB (Reinforcement: Technology and Quality Control) has produced separate documents for both solutions, having many points in common. In this work, a summary of the CEB recomendations for Mechanical Splices is shown together with some comments. The definition, classification, detailing and pratical recommendations for th execution of all types of splies are included. There are four types of compression - only splices and eigth types of compression - tension splices. This last group can be classified in threaded sleeve splices, metal or mortar filled splices and forged or swaged sleeve splices.

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