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Title: Program for industrialized commercial buildings with precast elements. Examples built

Author(s): Burón Maestro, M.; Fernández-Ordóñez Hernández, D.; Gómez Sanz, L.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 48

Issue: 205

Appears on pages(s): 55 - 62



Date: 1/5/1997

The article describes the structural solutions and the erecting processes developed for the roof, of two 70 m span of some exposition pavilions built in Barcelona. The structural scheme corresponds to a simply supported prestressed concrete beam. Cross section consists in three concrete webs with a top compression flange between them. The total depth of the beam varies up to a maximum of 4 m. Construction scheme is based on the erecting of the beam at ground level, using specially designed forms. After concreting, the postension steel tendons are stressed and then the beam is hoisted by hidraulic jacks up to its final position where all other roof elements (steel structure, cover galvanized sheet, etc.) are installed.

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