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Title: Access footbridge to Postiguet beach (Alicante)

Author(s): Irles Más, R.; Irles Más, F.; Piñol Peral, F.J.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 48

Issue: 204

Appears on pages(s): 65 - 76



Date: 1/3/1997

The article shows the project and erection of an access footbridge to Postiguet beach in Alicante, in substitution of another old one. The board is a metallic box girder with little cantilevers, whose flanges are longitudinally and transversally stiffened. It's guideline is made up with two perpendicular straigth lines jointed by an helicoidal one, in a loop of 270 degrees, showing a slope variation smooth an continous. As located in a seismic region, it has been projected continous over five single confined bearings, with dumped ends front vertical access rotation. One of the ends is dumped to the rock, by means of high strength steel bars; the other one to a pier founded over 1H/3V inclined piles, drived in the sand to the rock, as for the other single supports. For the geometric design and plane representation, advanced means of CAD systems were used. The load proofs showed a fully satisfactory performance.

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