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Title: Control of deformations in building structures

Author(s): del Río Bueno, A.; Ortiz Herrera, J.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 42

Issue: 180

Appears on pages(s): 24-Sep



Date: 1/5/1991

The deformation of a member of a structure should be limitied to ensure the proper appearance, functioning and integrity of the structure and the construction. In some cases limitation may be requiered to prevent damages to elements, partitions or finishes attached to or in contact with the considered member. Vibration may also require control as it can cause discomfort or alarm to users. In extreme cases, execesive deformations may affect structure durability or safety. Factors such as advances in design methods for ultimate limit states, increase of strength of materials, or progressive reduction of cross-sections have increased the deformability of structures. Systematic control of limit states of deformation is every day more necessary. In this work effects of excesive deformation of structure are studied, analyzing criteria to prevent them. A detailed comparative study of limitations proposed by most relevant codes, recommendations and technical literature is presented. It include vertical and horizontal static deflections of building structures. In the final part, an introduction to dynamic deformations of structures is developed. Criteria and methodology to prevent human discomfort due to wind-induced motions in tall buildings or traffic vibrations are summarized.

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